The basic manufacturing processes done by TRANSCOM’S could be sorted as follows:

Tooling and prototyping

For the needs of the manufacturing processes TRANSCOM’S produces its own tooling, such as:

  • aluminum press moulds for wax-models for the precision casting;
  • steel press moulds for the rubber and the silicone producing;
  • stamps and dies;
  • prototypes of some articles.

Cold machining

TRANSCOM’S possesses all the machinery needed for machining of casts and conventional metals on the scale of the batch production, including:

  • cutting, sharpening, grinding machinery;
  • universal lathes and mills;
  • turret and thread lathes;
  • CNC lathes and mills;
  • guillotines and bending machines;
  • eccentric and hydraulic presses including an unique 500 t, multistoried hydraulic press.

Casting and heat treatment

TRANSCOM’S possesses machinery for precision casting, die-casting and foam casting, but because of the growth scale of production (over 120 tons per year of precision casts) the company is co-operated with two specialized factories in central Bulgaria. The available furnaces are used just for testing the specific instrumental equipment. This includes:

  • high-frequency induction furnaces;
  • box furnaces for heat treatment;
  • resistance furnaces with crucibles of 500 kg for aluminum and non-ferrous metals;
  • gas/diesel furnace with crucible of 60 kg for bronze and brass;
  • dryers (up to 350°C) for impregnation and for baking of the powder coating.

Rubber and silicone

TRANSCOM’S possesses shaft of 10kg for refreshment and plating of rubber mixtures. In the field of composite silicone insulators TRANSCOM’S uses the one-component HTV (high temperature vulcanization) material exclusively delivered by the highest rated suppliers. This material proved to possess the most stable electric-mechanical technical features for dozens of years now. For processing of the material and turning it into finished elements and for assembling of insulators TRANSCOM’S possesses the obligatory:

  • mixing shaft of 10 kg;
  • two floors 100 t specialized rubber presses;
  • finishing operations’ machines;
  • control devices for working duties of presses and the electro-mechanical features of products.

Mounting and testing

The highly responsible products of TRANSCOM’S require uncompromising inspection at each stage of their manufacturing. For this purpose TRANSCOM’S has built and arranged many test stands and laboratories for electrical and mechanical testing – for both incoming control and final testing of the end products – insulators, clamps, fastenings, tensioning wheels etc. This includes:

  • tension press with digital indication of elongation (for the steel fastenings and the insulators);
  • 100 kV test stand for incoming control of the raw materials for the insulators;
  • 240 kV test stand for group testing of the insulators; tester of the thickness of zinc coatings;
  • tester of hardness of Shore for the rubber elements; digital dynamometers – 0-15kN;
  • universal test stand for static and dynamic loading (to destruction) of different cantilever constructions, tensioning wheels and all other force transferring elements manufactured by TRANSCOM’S.