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TRANSCOM’S is a railway spare parts manufacturing company located in a beautiful north-western Bulgarian town called Belogradchik.

TRANSCOM’S was established in 1990 as a production enterprise for the manufacture of spare parts for railway braking systems. In 1997 the producing capacity of the company was concentrated upon the development of overhead contact lines’ element base of the national railway infrastructure of 27.5kV. That production process is as responsible and technologically similar to the manufacture of spare parts for braking systems.

Since TRANSCOM’S is specialized in tool manufacturing, casting and machining of precise, relatively small steel details (usually up to 10kg), we didn`t confine to air brakes and catenary only, but we widen our product list with various elements and modules needed by the wagon-building industry.

TRANSCOM’S nowadays supplies all the 27 bulgarian wagon-repair and wagon-building factories with spare parts and assemblies, and exports its products to Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Germany and Italy.

TRANSCOM’S clients and partners are always welcome to get familiar with our production facilities, and simultaneously enjoy the incredible nature of our region!

Производствена база - Белоградчик Леяро-механичен завод - Стакевци

Производствена база - Ведерник