KR 2

Why choose our air brake hoses?

High quality

Raw materials of high end suppliers are used in the manufacturing processes.

Thoroughly tested

Prior, during and after assembling. Pressure tested up to 20 bar. Rubber hose is type tested to up to 70 bar.

Quick delivery

Raw materials are usually available on stock, manufacturing process of a custom size order might take as little as 2 workdays. Shipping to EU countries usually takes 3-5 business days.


Non-standard lengths and custom colors on request (raw, red, yellow).


Air brake hoses are manufactured and tested according to UIC 541-1:2013, UIC 830-1:1981, UIC 830-2:2003, UIC 830-3:2001.

Competitive price

We strive to offer the best price for our customers, without compromising the quality of our products.

TRANSCOM’S is manufacturing the following coupling air brake hoses for the railways, according to UIC standards’ requirements, suitable for low and high pressure (up to 10 bar working pressure). Manufacturing of non-standard custom lengths/couplings is possible by order.

Standard air brake hose typesTRANSCOM’S ID
1Air brake hose, low pressure type, L=620mm, coupling CMKP 620 CM
2Air brake hose, high pressure type, L=620mm, coupling HKP 620 H
3Air brake hose, low pressure type, L=730mm, coupling CMKP 730 CM
4Air brake hose, high pressure type, L=730mm, coupling HKP 730 H